This page is for Radio Cracker recordings from 1991 and 1992.

Ten by one - Guests interviewed with some of their favourite music.

Zerbanoo Gifford - former Parliamentary Candidate for Hertsmere.

Judy Almond - local celebrity famous for her books and work with Roumanian Orphans.

Maddy Prior - interview with Maddy interspersed with her solo work and Steeleye Span tracks.

Classic music - music chosen and presented by Sheila Hughes.

Christmas Eve Breakfast Fun - Yvette in the studio with Daddy and others.

Bob Wilson - interviwed on an afternoon show.

16th December 1991 - Bombs in London (part 1).

16th December 1991 - Bombs in London (part 2).


7th December 1992 - Monday Breakfast.

Susie Driver - Specially flown in from the U.S.

Kirsty and Chris do breakfast 8th December 1992 Banter galore.

Even more breakfast